Block Party Blocks - Year 2

Block Party Block  1- 12 Year 1

Block Party Block #13 - Fairy Dust

Time to pick up some Fairy Dust. This block pattern uses the Studio 180 Design tool, Tucker Trimmer®, and Square Squared® tools, along with the Triangle Pizazz and Little House Techniques to make this fun block.
Studio 180 Design Tool and Technique:  Tucker Trimmer® and Wing Clipper® I


Block Party Block #14 - Freedom

Using your Studio 180 Design Split Rects® and Square Squared® tool to create the dimensional Star highlights this block. The Corner Beam® to create the extra Star will complete these beautiful Blocks.
Studio 180 Design Tools and Techniques: Split Rects®,Square Squared®, Corner Beam®


Block Party Block #15 - Crossing Halves

In this block you will be using your Tucker Trimmer®, Square Squared® Studio 180 Design tools, plus work with the Little House Technique.
Studio 180 Design Tools and Techniques: Tucker Trimmer®, Square Squared®,  Little House Technique Sheet


Block Party Block #16 - Compass Points

Use your V Block® and Tucker Trimmer® to bring Compass Points to a life.
Studio 180 Design Tools and Techniques: Tucker Trimmer®, V Block®


Block Party Block #17 - Diamonds and More

Take your Split Rects skills to the next level, in this Advanced Block that uses the Split Rects Bonus Units to make this block. I recommend pressing your seam open when making this block. Play with color to build the depth that makes the Diamonds stand out.


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