Pattern Corrections

While we do our best to ensure all patterns are tested by several Certified Instructors in advance of printing, we are human, and therefore occasionally there are errors found in the 1st print.  Thank you for your understanding.

If you feel you have still have found an error in the pattern, please feel free to email me at with the following information.

  • Pattern Name
  • Page Number
  • Section
  • Detail Description of the pattern.

QA138 - Aztec Dance

10/12/2020 - Block 5, Page 2, step 11 the Fabric Colors are reversed it should read:

  • Repeat Steps 1-10 using (16) 2″ (2 1/2″) Rust / (4) 3 1/2″ (4 1/2") Blue to make (16) FG2 Units. (PDF)

The first run patterns had some errors in the Finishing Instructions, below are the following corrections:

  • Half Square Triangles (Page 1) – Make (4) 3 1/2″ (5") HST Units.
  • Flying Geese (Page 3) – Should read in Step 10 - 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" (5" x 9 1/2")
  • Center Border – Page 3 – Step 1 – should read (8) 3 1/2” (5”) Gold Squares.

QA140 - Crystal Glacier (PDF)

Pages 6-9 - Many of the images were incorrect and unclear.  

QA135 - Whimsical Dance Cover (PDF)

Cover - Background Yard should be 2 3/4".  Some of the SKU's numbers are incorrect.

QA132 - Swirling Diamonds (PDF)

This is a color reference page that includes the Island Batik “Snow Berry” collection SKU numbers.  In the first versions of this pattern, fabric colors had different names on both the back cover and inside of the pattern, please see the chart below to find the correct fabric color names.

QA133Shop - Garden Enchantment

Shop Owners Guide - Typos on the Back Cover and Page 1 of the Guide.  This left discrepancies between the Cutting Chart and Yardage chart.  I have placed the corrected versions on this page for you.

  • Back Cover - (PDF)
  • Shop Owners Guide - Page 1, Yardage chart incorrect (PDF)

Full Pattern Cover - (PDF)

QA133 Garden Enchantment Pattern -

I have been revising my Garden Enchantment Block of the Month pattern.  Why the revisions? Well, after the first run of the pattern, there were reports from Shop owners and customers of problems, such as numbers missed typed, grammar and spelling errors that were not caught before the first release.  I was devastated that there were so many problems.  With the help of an editor, I was able to get the pattern corrected and revised.  I take pride in my work and designs, so I want to provide you all the best quality service and product.

For anyone that purchased the Garden Enchantment pattern from a shop, or a distributor before March 9, 2019, I will provide you a revised printed pattern free of charge.  All you have to do is send an email to, with proof of purchase of the pattern (for example a picture of the pattern or a copy of the receipt), your mailing address and please also let me know if the pattern was Individually package by month or the Full Pattern.

QA133B1 - Month 1 - General Instructions yardage chart incorrect. (PDF)

QA131 - April Showers

Following please find updates from April 2019 - (PDF)

QA128 - Rainbow Serenadepurchased before September 9

Since this is a complicated pattern, even the pattern tester could not find all the errors. The following are the pages we have seen so far that need to be corrected.

  • Page 3 - Black/Cherry/ Dream wrong image (PDF)
  • Page 6 - 12
    • Pages had several pressing images wrong  (PDF)
  • Page 11 - 12
    • Several pressing changes (PDF)

QA127B3 - Ramblin' Star BOM  Month 3 (PDF)

On Page 1, Diagram A/D Image is incorrect; it should read K/D HST - Make eight units.

QA109 - Hearts Delight  (PDF)

On Page 2, Fabric B should be cut 3 3/8" and Fabric D at 2 7/8" and on page 3, the diagram labeled B/D was incorrect. Make 60 A/C units.

QA114 - 3 Witches Brew  (PDF)

Missing template Pieces.