Lectures and Trunk Shows

Looking for lectures for your shop, Small Group, or Guild?

If you are interested in having me come to Lecture or Teach at your event, please contact Tina at qa@quiltingaffection.com.

One Hour Lectures/Trunk Shows: $300 plus travel (.56/mile current IRS rate) and meals & accommodations if traveling over 3 hours. (2019-2020)

Lecture / Workshop Contract (PDF)

"Studio 180 Design" Lecture

Learn about the Studio 180 Design tools and how they can help you improve your quilting abilities.


“Journey to Inspiration” Lecture/Trunk Show

Inspiration comes in many forms; sometimes it just hits you, other times it is a process something like a journey. Tina’s story is the latter, a journey from Wife and Mother to a full-time pattern designer. As we take this trip, become inspired by the adventures of your life as Tina shares hers through the collection of quilts from her past to the present.


More Lectures and Trunks Shows coming soon!