Year 3 Block Party Blocks

Block Party Block #26 - Revolving Stars

With Revolving Stars, you can play with Studio 180 Design basics like Corner Beam, Wing Clipper, and Tucker Trimmer. Start with the Star block in the middle, then work your way around to put the outer border pieces together. There are a lot of points on this block, so plan your pressing carefully or make sure you press them open (highly recommended). Enjoy arranging your colors. I can’t wait to see your blocks. Refer to the Corner Beam®, Wing Clipper® 1, and Tucker Trimmer® I tool instructions.



Block Party Block #27 - Twirling

Twirling is easy when you use the Studio 180 Design Corner Beam and Split Rects tool. There are three fabrics in this block: a background, a light or medium fabric, and a dark fabric. You can combine different colors to create some interesting looks with this block by playing around with the colors. Refer to the Corner Beam®, Split Rects® tool instructions.



Block Party Block #28 - Squared Stars

This blocks show off what you can do with the Stacked Square Technique and the Large Square Squared Tool. It also brings in some elegance off with the Lemoyne Star Quarters in each of the corners. You will also need the Stacked Squares Technique Sheet to complete the Stacked Square block.



Block Party Block #29 - Blowing Leaves

Blowing Leaves, reminds me of the wind taking hold of the leaves and putting a spin on them in the air. This simple block uses the Studio 180 Design Corner Beam and Pickets & Quickets Technique to make the many parts of the leaves, you will finish the block by adding a Multi-Colored Square Squared unit in the center. to make them all flow together.



Block Party Block #30 - Boxed Seats

Boxed Seats uses fabric colors, parts of the Diamond Rects, and Elongated Hourglass units with the same colors to create the illusion of dimensionality. 
You will need your Diamond Rects, Split Rects and Square Squared Tools, and the Split Rects Bonus Unit Technique Sheet for this block. 



So Bright Star

Block Party Block #31 - So Bright Star

Adding Bright Star to your block collection will bring a little bit of Christmas to your home. Using the Geese on the Edge Technique Sheet, you will create your corner units in this block. This technique uses the same starting point and log sizes for whatever size you are making. With that unit added to the Popped V Block, the peak of color will appear in front of the star. Regardless of the size of the block, you will get a different look.


Opulence Puzzle

Block Party Block #32 - Opulence Puzzle

The Opulence Puzzle table topper was designed for Island Batik’s Modern Opulence fabric line by Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design. It’s made with seven different fabrics from the collection. You can change the colors to suit you. A variety of tools and techniques are used in this block. The Tabletopper will make the following finished sizes 24ʺ x 24ʺ and 36ʺ x 36ʺ. You will be using the Corner Beam, Wing Clipper, and Large Square Squared tools. Plus the Picket & Quickets, Birds of Paradise and Stacked Squares Technique Sheet.


Block Party Block #33 - Split Spectacular

What happens when you combine Split Rect, Bonus Units, and Flying Geese? As a result, you get a Split Spectacular block. I find it incredibly fascinating how shapes like these appear when units like these are assembled into blocks. Combine the block with a splash of color and you have a unique block.



Block Party Block #34 - Propeller

A combination of Diamond Rects and Flying Geese creates an interesting effect, then combine it with Four Patch Square Up that gives you an idea of propellers spinning.


Block Party Block #35 - Blooming Petals

A simple way to jazz up a Lemoyne Star block is to frame it with some basic units. Adding Flying Geese and Half Square Triangles to a Traditional Lemoyne Star Block adds dimension and fun. The Traditional Lemoyne Stars could even be swapped out for one of the Studio 180 Design Lemoyne Star Techniques.


Block Party Block #36 - Ring Spikes

This block reminds me of walking through a garden and looking at the way the roses intertwine before the spring leaves return. It features the Diamond Rects® and Corner Beam® tools, as well as the Birds of Paradise Technique Sheet using the Large Square Squared® tool. These units beautifully combine to bring this pattern to life! I designed it to be a great companion to Block Party Block #35.



Block Party Block #37 - Rotating Squares

Block Party Block #37 Rotating Squares is an optical illusion that will give you the impression of rotating squares. It features V Block, Tucker Trimmer, and Corner Pop tools, as well as the Shaded Four Patch Technique Sheet. I created my block with three different color values, using light, medium, and dark fabrics.


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